Psalm 81

In reading Psalm 81, the thought received is that God schedules times of joy and this tells us that He wants us to be happy. Every church service should be a time to celebrate the victory God has given through Jesus. Every lesson or sermon we listen to is filled with spiritual food to satisfy our soul. By listening and acting on God’s Word, things in life have a tendency to be set up in our favor so the victory comes now and last for eternity.

Sometimes I feel like the character played by Don Knotts  in this video: Don Knotts – The Shakiest Gun in the West Fast Draw Trick Show .

I might be afraid at times but with God I can feel that there will always be help.

One can fail over and over in life but if they simply realize they are being touched with something different because of Christ and keep giving their best shot, battles are won. This day with God will be amazing because hope gave optimism in a time of despair, faith gives courage in time of doubt, and love will bring victory in a time of hate.

Today, my thoughts are on the sure victory Christ has given us. My prayer is that more will claim this victory Christ gave us on the cross and celebrate this victory with others. No matter what happens in life, God loves us and that is all that matters.

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