Ezekiel 27

Tyre is personified as a ship in Ezekiel 27 that becomes shattered by the sea and sinks to the bottom. Once abounding in wealth, Tyre forgot about the ONE who gave them wealth in the first place.

In reflecting upon today’s passage, the destruction of Tyre reminds that we are to be good stewards and should use what God gives us for the benefit of all. When success comes, we are susceptible to setting our hearts upon riches and forgetting God but it is during these times that we should pay special attention to praising God, continuing to put Him first, knowing our specific mission, and using our individual strengths to glorify Him.

A point in a sermon of Rev. Mark Welshimer at my church was that we should discover who we are; the strengths God has given each of us and then acting on them. God believes we all have something special to offer if we just take the first step and rely on Him to carry us. Click on the video below or this link: He Will Carry You – Gaither Vocal Band. This day with God will be amazing because He’s there with you to help carry any burdens that may be in your life.

Let us give thought to our greatest strength which is finding out the assured way of God and setting out in that direction. Let us make it a part of our prayers to ask that we fulfill the blessed destiny He has arranged for us.

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