Ezekiel 26

Passage Lookup

If you’re gathering honey, you are careful around the                                                          beehive and you don’t stir up the Beehivebees. If you want a pleasant and good life, you carefully live by the principles of God; they won’t let you down. When pursuing Godly wisdom, you will be more likely to know whose side to be on and listen to the right people. You will follow the right leader because you will listen to those with wholesome values and morals. Like a magnet attracting iron, you will attract treasures for the soul because the elements of God’s principles are at work in you.

This day with God, we read that Israel had been a nation of beauty, strength, and wealth but God’s anger can turn great nations into dreadful piles of scrap. God now pronounces complete destruction on Tyre because it was secretly pleased with the fall of Israel. The nation had been great but now will be made lowly because of their selfish jealousy of Israel and their love of the world for their happiness. This passage teaches that the fall of others should awaken us to realize that it is not earthly gain that is of most importance but it is our faith in the one and only God that is of great worth.

Click on this piano piece: In The Garden: Norm Hastings, Piano. While listening, reflect on today’s reading. What lesson is God teaching? Think about what you may pray for today. Is there a plan of action God is giving you today? God’s principles are essential for life and His angels often protect from enemies. This day with God will be amazing because we have the chance to pray to follow His will and yield to a Godly perspective; understanding that no matter what happens in life, God loves His people and that is all that matters.

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