Ezekiel 10

Passage Lookup

Ezekiel had seen this same vision we read about today before. The wheels moved in perfect harmony as though they were full of wisdom and governed by the spirit of God; being directed with Divine purpose.

The Spirit of God has made available at least one skill for every believer and follower of Christ. It’s up to each of us to find that skill or purpose and use it. With the help of the Holy Spirit, that gift will be used for the express purpose of universal excellence. Each diverse member carries out their role to produce a fit church body. As I read this passage today, I’m reminded of a video. Take a few minutes to watch and listen at this link: Here I Am to Worship by Darlene Zschech.

Jesus did what God told Him to do. For us to discover our strengths, that’s exactly what we should do. My Sunday school teacher, Ronnie Smith once said, “Your calling is not a job – it is a relationship with God.” As a body of believers, God created us to support and complement each other. We are spiritual beings on this human journey; moved by the Spirit of God.

This day with God, think about ways to encourage, build up, and humbly pray for teamwork as Christians. Pray for ideas that will encourage others and help everyone to work together for the glory of God. As you meet people today, remember that God loves each individual for their unique abilities and He also loves you for your specific gift.

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