Matthew 12:1-14

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Today, we read about the disciples picking grain to eat as they walk through a field on the Sabbath and we also read about Jesus healing on the Sabbath. The Pharisees said this went against God’s Law. As Jesus points out in this passage, He came to free His followers from Old Testament rules.

This passage reminds me of a sermon my pastor Steve Ramsdell gave once. He said that we have three tools that help us make decisions; lessons from the Bible, the Holy Spirit speaking to us deep in our hearts, and experiences of both ourselves and others. If you would like to check out past sermons, they are now available in video at this link:  Sermon Podcast .

The teachings of Jesus set us free to see things as they are and do things as they ought to be done. Jesus made Biblical principles practical and told us simply to follow, believe, and obey. In prayer today, I’m giving thanks for this freedom and opportunity we are given to use the lessons from the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and experiences of ourselves and others to make common sense decisions.

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