Jeremiah 52

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Jeremiah had a message and a role in God’s plan. What is your place and purpose in God’s plan for today’s world?

Jeremiah’s purpose was to communicate the need to change course and to warn about a devastating future if they did not. Israel and Judah didn’t change course but through their adversity, we are enriched with this lesson: life is designed for eternity so we need to get to know the one and only God.

The good news is that a new territory waits for those who take in the lessons of the past, change course, get to know God, and set out to invest for eternal dividends. Do you feel a part of history? Believe you are and participate in your community. Find a role in your neighborhood, your local school, or your church. You can make a difference to future generations.

See yourself as God sees you. He thinks you are AWESOME! Pray that frustration is reduced but things like enthusiasm and concentration are increased. Pray that you invest your life in things that build a better community, city, state, and nation. Pray that you invest in the things that build a better YOU and returns eternal dividends.

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