Jeremiah 38-40 questions

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The questions below are to be used to provide fuel for your thoughts as you study the readings for the week ahead:

Jeremiah 38
Passage Lookup

What have been the effects of Jeremiah’s continuing message (See 21:8-10)? When have you found God’s words to have a demoralizing effect on you? Why? Who are the two men in this passage that are rewarded for their actions (See 39:15-18)

Jeremiah 39
Passage Lookup

Everything happens as Jeremiah had said. How is He rewarded? To what extent do you trust God’s words before you have seen the results or outcome?

Jeremiah 40
Passage Lookup

To what extent do the Chaldeans understand the cause of Jerusalem’s fall? How do they regard Jeremiah (See verse 2-5 with 39:12)? Contrast their regard for a prophet of God with Israel’s regard for God’s words.

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