Jeremiah 35-37 questions

"Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Je...

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The question(s) below are to be used to provide fuel for your thoughts as you study the blocks of readings:

Jeremiah 35
Passage Lookup

Why is God going to bless the descendants of Jonadab?  What do you say when tempted to disregard your behavioral values?

Jeremiah 36
Passage Lookup

What was the purpose of the scroll? How do you think the leaders of your nation would respond to a reading of God’s word about destruction of their nation?

Jeremiah 37
Passage Lookup

What is the situation now in Jerusalem (See 2 Kings 34:8-25:7)? What is the charge against Jeremiah (See 32:1-5)? To what extent are you willing to accept the consequences of speaking God’s message when it is unpopular or considered treason? Why?

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