This Week’s Devotional


I hope everyone had a great Easter; time with family, Easter egg hunts, and enjoying the weather. The mystery of how new growth in spring begins is incredible and so is the mystery talked about in sermons around the world last weekend. Jesus turning despair into hope when the tomb was empty and He was alive!


As talked about in sermons at First United Methodist Waco, this miracle of the risen Christ tells us there is life after death. It tells us what we need as we go forward. If we know Christ, we know God and building a life together by following the path Christ has laid leads to something meaningful and constructive. Each year Easter reminds of God’s love for us, fills us with joy, and refuels the soul for a successful journey ahead.


This Easter mystery of our Redeemer was prophesized in books like Isaiah in the Old Testament many years before the first Easter. The book of Isaiah was written 800 years before Christ. The name Isaiah means “Salvation of Jehovah” and the prophet Isaiah is known as the prophet of redemption.


In Isaiah 2, there was a plea made to Israel to focus more on God by being concerned about God’s truth and precepts more than personal gains and indulgences. Take a look at photo of the week. The thought was that searching and learning about God is where the miracle process begins. If individuals build a foundation with what God says is important, then the first steps to better people, families, and societies are taken. The people back in the time of Isaiah didn’t have what we have today. We have a path to follow; the path Christ has shown us. Here is a video that refuels my soul and I hope it does the same for you: Heart of Worship by Matt Maher.


As you go through the upcoming week, think about events that attract crowds of people like sporting events or concerts. Pray that church worship services will flourish and that God will give a heart of worship in His people so they enjoy going to church and urge others to join them.



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