This Week’s Devotional


Last week I wrote about how the Bible is our playbook and its principles are our plays. This week as I continue my journey into the book of John chapter 8, the questions I tried to answer is how do you keep Jesus’ words? What will happen if you do? I believe we keep Jesus’ words by believing in the plan, by hoping, and by obeying. If we follow His plan, we win in this lifetime and for eternity.


My Dad was a quarterback when he played football. I remember growing up, we would play catch and he taught me some pass routes to run. Later in life, I’ve found that playing catch or being a part of anything that requires teamwork can give valuable life lessons. If we let God be the quarterback and let Him tell us the routes to run, then all we have to do is run the routes and catch what He throws our way.


To be successful, I believe you have to stick to the game plan. There is a video that talks about staying with the game plan. Click this link to take a look:Stay by Jeremy Camp. Staying in the light I believe is sticking to God’s plan. We have to believe in the plan, hope that we understand the route to run, and continue to practice so the timing with the quarterback of life is perfect.


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Thanks for letting me share about my journey this past week.





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