This Week’s Devotional

After Solomon built the temple and his palace, it is written in 1 Kings 10 that people all around wanted to visit to learn from him and discover his secret. He welcomed others to his palace in the same way we should enthusiastically welcome people to God’s palace called the church each Sunday.


Once an individual, organization, or team sets out to fulfill a dream and it becomes reality, others take interest and enthusiastically join in. Remember a few years ago, the autistic team manager name Jason McElwain – the high school basketball team manager who got a chance to play and scored 20 points in 4 minutes. After each 3-pointer he made, the crowd’s excitement multiplied. At the end of the game, the crowd rushed to the center of the court and lifted him up on their shoulders. Take a look at the video by clicking the following link: J-Mack.


Jason McElwain showed the gift of enthusiasm and this enthusiasm helped make his dream come true – to play in a high school basketball game. Solomon had the gift of wisdom and used it to make his dream come true – to become a great king. Make a mental list of your God given gifts. Be excited about your gift and think of ways you can use this gift to make your dreams come true.




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