New Creation

Being known by God as explained in 2 Corinthians 5:11-19 substantiated Paul’s boldness because he was compelled by Christ’s love; no longer living for himself but living for the ONE who died for him and who was raised again.

Paul is explaining that reconciliation to God through Christ shapes our character. We become a new creation that believes before receiving. This new creation goes forward even before knowing what steps to take.

Explained is that Christ gave His life on the cross and this should inspire us to give our life as an ambassador in this world. We should regard others as our brothers and sisters. We should demonstrate some of the quality traits of Christ and be a role model for others as people of faith, hope, and love of neighbor.

This day, we have received an amazing power because Christ has paid for all our sins. In one cataclysmic moment, all wrong-doing was wiped clean and we now have access through prayer to the ONE who has all the answers.

Lord, this day, we have access to You and You provide big dreams. You can take these dreams and help us not only achieve them but along the way, make others dream big too. Even the grave is no barrier to Your grace! Our dreams will provide ideas to others so that our big dreams will help future generations and in so doing, provide more opportunities for all people to flourish. For it is in Jesus’ name this is possible, amen.


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