Obligations and Duties

Explained in Romans 13:1-7 is that people have obligations to civil authorities because God has established them and they are His servant so do right before them. It is God’s will that they are placed in the position and people should conform to their authority for they are an extension of God’s authority in relation to a society.

Many of the ideas of The U. S. constitution which is the supreme law of the land came from the principles found in the Bible and are an extension of God’s authority in a free society. Some may not respect the person in office but they must respect the office because the government was ordained by God. A person who refuses to obey authorities won’t obey God either.*

Now if the man-made law is in conflict with the Law of God, a Christian must follow God. The attitude should be to use the proper channels in making things right and not agree to violence in retaliation. In other words, people that disagree with authorities can express their dissatisfaction in peaceful protest but the line is drawn when the expression crosses over into violence.

A nation cannot survive under corruption be it in our government, in our media, or in our businesses. So, it is up to each of us to fulfill our obligations and duties as a citizen. Organize neighbors that are close to God and willing to work on projects together for His purposes. Then our neighborhoods will bring more influence to civil authorities and to society as a whole.

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This day with You God, help us to live the way Jesus has taught. Sometimes things don’t line up in our society with Your way. Help us to work together so that things do begin to line up with the way you have laid out. Help us to use the proper channels in making things right. Help us to organize our neighbors so we have influence toward civil authorities and fulfill our obligations as a good citizen. Amen.

*Nicholes, Lou. “Submit to Government.” Commentary » Romans 13:1-Romans 13:7 » Family-Times.net. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 June 2017. <http://www.family-times.net/commentary/romans-131/&gt;.


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