Carry Out Your Purpose

This day with God, let us respond to His incredible instructions with purpose and resolve just like Noah did. .. One day at a time.

Step Ahead

Noah did the job
The Lord told him to do
Then went into the ark
With his family inside too

For forty days and nights
The rain came down
But the ark floated
So they did not drown

The waters flooded the earth
For a hundred and fifty days
God gave Noah a purpose
He did it without any delays

What purpose has He given you?
It begins with prayer
Listen and reflect
Breathe in the fresh air

Use the Internet to change
The world for the better
To encourage each other
And help your neighbor

Work together with thoughts
With ideas to pass along
Glorify God one day at a time
Just like this song

By Mark Shields – © 03-19-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 7
Inspiring Video – One Day at a Time – Jeremy Camp
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