Reasons for Praising God

The Arc of the Covenant would now be near them in a tabernacle and David delivers this psalm found in 1 Chronicles 16:7-43 as a thanks to God. This same Psalm is recorded again in Psalms 105:1-15; 96:1-13; 106:1, 47-48 and was to be used by the church from this point forward throughout history. Asaph and his associates ministered at the Arc regularly for people to praise God in prayer and music.

In verses 8-12 are verbs that show the various aspects of worship. We should be thankful, sing praises to God, be joyful, look to God for strength, and remember what He has done. When we do, the world works as it should. Even nature gives praise on land or sea and God’s love endures forever (v. 28-36).

Those who give praise receive God’s wonder in return as they celebrate each day. David put praises to God into order with this psalm and then made available Asaph with his brethren to minister near the ark continually, with songs of praise. We praise God because His wonders inspire us. Strength, love, joy, and peace are with Him forever. We have freedom and liberty in Christ.

This day with God, think of some of the Lord’s “marvelous deeds” which you have personally experienced. Write out a list of them on notebook paper and keep this list nearby where you see it often so it is a reminder to praise God for each item listed. Be sure and take some time to give Him thanks.

Below is a poem I wrote titled “Thank You God”.

Thank you God for freedom
like an eagle gliding in the sky
Thank you for eyes to see your magnificent creation
like the mountains way up high
Thank you for the ability to hear music
pleasing to the Spirit
I love to hear it.

Thank you God for the sense of smell
like roses which are so sweet-smelling
Thank you for the sense of touch
like holding a baby even if screaming and yelling
Thank you for the ability to imagine
into the future as it moves faster than a wild stallion
I simply hope for a roof over my head
and food that is Italian.

Thank you God for my daily bread as I smell pizza
and know it will taste out of sight
Thank you for hopes and dreams
as I look ahead with a future so bright
Thank you for what’s still beyond my reach
like the horizon on the other side of the tree
I have faith in you and thank you for loving me
so much to send your Son to die for thee.

This Day with God will be amazing because you will be blessed and others will be blessed because of your praises.


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  4. My Tropical Home says:

    Beautiful poem. Very inspiring. Thanks for this.


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  6. Uplifiting words! Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts…words of wisdom! God bless.


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